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Custom Built Sliding Door Wardrobes | Soft White & Mirror Glass | Black Frame | MDF Trim

06 March 2013


The Client
The clients live in glorious Somerset. However, they struggled to find a suitable fitted wardrobe company in the local area. The clients came across us while searching online and were very impressed with our website, testimonials and YouTube channel. They contacted us to explain the situation. The initial dialogue took place over the phone and email. Being suitably impressed, the clients awarded us the project. At this point we visited the client's home to confirm measurements and finalise the design.

The Space
The clients were in the process of sympathetically modernising a cottage. We worked in the guest suite. The clients had integrated an en-suite shower room and had conveniently left a good amount of space to serve as wardrobe storage and dressing area. Due to the proportions available, sliding doors were the ideal choice. 

The Exterior
The clients wanted the fitted furniture to compliment their collection of Oriental antiques. Therefore, they were immediately attracted to the look of Oriental bars to the sliding doors. As there is just enough space to stand in front of the wardrobes to get dressed, it was prudent to include one mirrored sliding door. The other two doors were supplied with soft white glass panels to keep the space light. The doors were supplied with a black frame. As the clients wanted the furniture to blend in as much as possible, they asked for the surrounding trim to be supplied in raw MDF. They later sealed the MDF and then hand painted in the exact same paint as the surrounding walls and ceiling. 

The Interior
Being the guest bedroom, the wardrobe was specified to serve two main purposes. Firstly, it would be used by guests while they were staying with the clients. Secondly, it would be used for over-flow storage - specifically to store linen. Two carcases are supplied with shelving. And the third is supplied with hanging space. The interior was supplied in an Ivory finish to compliment the exterior colour. 

The Result
The clients truly adore the finished product. It has turned out exactly like the photograph they saw in our brochure. They praised us for our attention to detail with regards to installation and service. The clients are also going to be inviting us to quote for the walk-in wardrobe in their master bedroom. Not only that, but they have received numerous compliments for the made to measure sliding door wardrobes. Another satisfied customer!

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