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Introducing The Signature Collection By The Fitted Wardrobe Company

14 October 2011

The Signature Collection is testament to our ingenuity and flexibility when it comes to meeting customers’ expectations.

The clients live in a beautiful period property, with many original features. Their vision was to preserve their home’s quirky period charm; yet to mix it with contemporary fitted furniture. That’s where we come in. We met with the clients and worked together to design bespoke furniture the ticked all the right boxes.

As per usual, all the furniture was made specifically for this project. Every panel was made to measure, down the millimetre. Key features that define out Signature Collection are:

 + Oversized doors - if you notice, they hang over the bottom of the carcase

 + Flush frame – all of the surrounding trim sits flush with the doors

 + Aluminium profile handles – the handles are side-mounted to give a minimal effect

Although the furniture is shown here installed in chimney alcoves, it would look equally well in other applications. Be it wall-to-wall, corner (L-shaped) or even as part of a walk-in wardrobe.

For the project shown above the doors and trim pieces were supplied in a gloss Sandstone finish. The interior was supplied in a matt ivory finish. I think you will agree that the combination works very well. Again, there is no reason why that can be altered.

Our flexibility to supply the furniture to clients’ exact requirements means that can confidently stand behind the statement of making wardrobes to fit your lifestyle

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