Why Fitted

We always like to use the analogy of a bespoke tailored suit. Each of us is unique. Therefore, the contours of our bodies are always going to be unique. A perfectly fitted suit takes every contour in to account. Only when a tailor truly understands the individuality of each client, can they produce a suit that fits perfectly.

In the same way, every bedroom is unique. There are always things that define the shape of a room. Things such as chimney breasts, high ceilings or sloping walls. To create wardrobes that really fit the room and make optimum use of the available storage space, all of these factors have to be taken in to account. We take the time to truly understand the characteristics of the room so that we can design fabulous fitted bedrooms.

Apart from the obvious spatial optimisation that fitted furniture offers, it also provides the opportunity to customise the look of your furniture. With fitted furniture you are not restricted to a small range of colours, designs and décor – you have a far greater choice. In addition to this, you can mix and match as you please.